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Welcome To The Party.

The Patrick Party is a multimedia sports publication that primarily focuses on Auburn University Athletics. The Patrick Party, created and managed by Patrick Bingham, provides our viewers with podcasts, live broadcasts, and stories focused around trying to take you deeper into the stats and storylines of Auburn Football and Basketball. For more updates on The Patrick Party follow us on our social media pages @thepatrickparty

Our Content

The volume of content typically depends on whether Auburn Football/Basketball is in-season or not.



    During the Auburn Football and Basketball seasons The Patrick Party aims to have some sort of content sent out to our viewers every other day of the week. During the 2022 Football season The Patrick Party will send out our weekly email newsletter on Thursday mornings, our podcasts on Friday mornings, and Patrick Party Pregame will air on Saturday mornings at 8:00am CST on our social media platforms.



    During the offseason of Auburn Football and Basketball there will not be as much content on a weekly level, as probably expected. As we move into Summer time or "Talking Season", as Steve Spurrier called it, The Patrick Party will aim for one story/feature a week or a podcast. 

Join The Party

First and Foremost, all of our content is 100% free. It is simply a way I can track how many people are really invested in my work. By signing up, you will receive all of The Patrick Party content in an email as well as on our social media pages and website. To sign up, simply fill out the form below and you will receive an email in the coming day notifying you that your submission has been received. Thank You so much for your continued support of The Patrick Party.

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